day sixteen.

“It has been eighteen years now since I started singing this dumb song, It’s not the best song I ever wrote but I didnt have time to change it.” This is quote that I heard many years ago about the Pickle Song. The Pickle Song is a song that Arlo Guthrie wrote. This quote was heard at a concert at some gym in Atlanta – where was that?. I guess a quote like this can sum up the past 22 years of my life – not the best song I ever wrote but I never had time to change it. The Arlo reference reminds of a time I spent with his daughter Sarah Lee. She performed at a little place in Athens Georgia named Flicker and afterwords we all drank til dawn. Talks of this – that – and the other… one long night in the good ole days.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life – a new song. The old song is quickly fading away and now there will be a new song on the radio. Yesterday I put in my notice and talked to all the powers that be about ending my career. Everyone was asking if I had a new job lined up. I simply said “no”. They are giving me all my vacation time as long as I complete the couple project that I have on the table. All is well, no bridges burned and now to figure out what the hell I am going to do.

The sale the past weekend was great. I sold a majority of all my junk and I have still not counted the cash. That is okay, I did not sell it all for the money but the extra change will help. I did make around $800 on the barbecue and drinks. Not to shabby.

There are three people to interview for renting the house. One being Jack’s daughter, the other two are prospects from the real estate agent. We’ll see.

My truck is ready and She is great. She looks old but she is definitely young at heart. She is not the fastest or smoothest riding truck on the road but she is perfect. The same reason I fly Fish is the same reason this old girl will make this journey a journey to remember. She’ll force me to slow down – see the world – and appreciate.


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