day fourteen.

Yesterday was crazy… I sold a bunch of stuff and it is all is really sinking in now. I am sitting here in the shell of my home and all my stuff either has a new home or is scattered around like little trinkets of times past. What the hell am I doing or at this point – What the hell have I done. This is a major change and now it is a shock to my system. I have nothing in comparison to what I once had. It is all stuff and now it is almost all gone. I have not counted what I have made when it comes to funds but it is pretty substantial. Maybe this will change my thoughts but at this point – this all is scaring the shit out of me. I own less now than when I left home for school.

On other fronts – I sold all the barbecue and smoked some chickens for me and the neighbors yesterday. We made a little party out of it and sat around with a cooler of beer and talked and laughed about what I was doing. Some of the guys seemed to have a little envy and the girls thought I was nuts. I guess it is that nesting nature of a woman. It was good conversation that I had never had with those that live so close to me. Neighbors only in distance but we are in different worlds.

There is one incident from yesterday that I have to mention. One guy saw my “Not For Sale” pile and started going through it. He picked up Scott Jr. … Scott Jr is my go to rod for my everyday fishing. It is a Scott G2 8′ 4″ 5wt that I bought when the new g2 was introduced. I had a Scott G, of the same weight, prior, that was stolen from the back of my truck – that was my primary up til that point and I had named it Scott because well… It seems like a guy rod and his name is already on it – I know… you get it. Scott Jr holds all the memories of that original rod and it was not for sale. Scott was the first “High-End” rod that I ever owned and he was part of the family. Jr is now just as much a part of the family. The guy wanting the rod haggled and jawed and tried everything in his nature to get that rod from me. I showed him a couple other options that still not for sale but… I was trying to get him past Scott Jr. The guy walked away with a Thomas and Thomas Heirloom 8″ 5wt. This was a sweet little rod that I had special ordered on a whim because I thought Thomas and Thomas was going away.  It was a fiberglass rod that had only met the water twice and I had not had the opportunity to name her. This was definitely a female rod and she was beautiful. Olive green with paprika colored wraps. She sold for $500 which wasnt a great deal for him but he would never see it in a store. She runs retail for $650 and she was a sweet little glass rod that I would have liked to get to know much better. I have to many 5wts to take them all and I guess you can say I have a thing with 5wts – I think I own one from each of the major manufacturers and a couple of custom builds. I’ll sort through that mess on a later date.

All in all the sale was good but it has left me in a funk. Let’s see what I can move today and maybe get a little time on a pond this afternoon. Next week, I’ll sort through what is left and start figuring out the packing for my new life. I have to work a couple of days but have put in for time off. They are probably under suspect that I am about to quit.


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