day thirteen.

A whole day of sales and stuff is moving but not as fast as I hoped. There is still a bunch of shit in the yard. It was Friday and today is a different animal. There are already people out in the yard digging through the junk and it is not even 8am so I see today being the day.  No total for yesterdays sales because it is sort of like that old Kenny Rogers tune, “you gotta know when to hold em” . This is a big gamble because I am trying to move out everything and move on myself. I slept last night like I had never slept before – with peace. I am making the right decision and now I ready to go.

The truck. Not much more to say than… It Rocks. Jack put in an old working Cobra C.B. radio (smart call) because I can always reach emergency that way. He worked in a piece of plywood in the back that is covered with a soft indoor/outdoor fabric. This is my bed and I am sure that I would have felt those ridges in the floorboard. He also built a couple of boxes around the fender wells. This will be a place to organize my little junk that I have to have. The last but best thing is a mess kit with wheels. Its a box that holds my stove and lantern and all my cooking and food stuff. It has legs that just fold down into place and I am set up, It is water tight so It does not have to stay in the truck while I sleep. This rocks.

I spoke to Jack about the renting “option” for the house and he is up for being care taker. He also may have a renter. His daughter and his son in-law have been looking to rent an apartment in the area. So this too may be a win-win. I really do not know this Jack guy, so I hope that I am not just trusting a total stranger because I want to get out of here. He has been good to me so far.

Let’s go sell some stuff. I did sell a whole shoulder of Q yesterday which sort of surprises me. This also means that I should sell the rest today. Today I also have fresh lemonade like a kid with their lemonade stand – no crystals or koolaid from my stand.


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