day twelve.

Step right up… every things a bargain… bargains galore. The weather is rockin so hopefully everyone will be out and about over the weekend and maybe some serious “Estate sale” shoppers. Friday shoppers will be slow but serious then the Saturday masses and then the Sunday scavengers. The signs that were made say “Estate Sale /  Barbecue”. These were done in a professional manor to make it look like a legit estate sale – which it really is. Printed on corrugated Coroplast and ready to put in the ground. These are not the hand painted “Boiled P-Nut” signs on scrap wood and cardboard from my college days. These signs are going out at day break and like stalking a big brown, I have scouted all the good locations.

Pushing the time a little, the hams went on 11:00 p.m which means they come off at 10 a.m. Chopping a hot ham if rough on the hands but damn is it tasty.  Low and slow is what my Grandfather taught me. Straight hickory wood and my own dry rub. I’ll finish up the slaw after placing the signs so everything should be close to ready. Chop one of the four hams and I’ll be set. Most of the Q will sell tomorrow.

All was sorted and priced through the night and this job was easier with the double duty of smoking hams. Checking the hams on occasion was basically a break from the real work. If I was not cooking –  break time might have meant sleep time. Running on adrenaline right now, the crash will be hard but I will sleep good tonight. It will be odd sleeping on a mattress without a frame but everything must go.

I hear Jack pulling up in the Toy. I cannot wait to see what he has added.


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