day eleven.

I have smuggled Cheetos for the past 16 years and today is no different. You would be amazed at how much money you save by packing your lunch every morning. Doing the figures, this practice has paid for my home and kept me out of debt. This practice will also pay for my new adventure into the unknown but today, I go to work and I eat the Cheetos. Today is tax day and for those who think this is a good thing – you’re a little crazier than I. There are people yelling “Hell Yeah!” because they are getting money back from the gov’t. I reply with a “what the hell?” How does it feel being the systems bank and you do not get to charge interest or overdraft charges? I owed $80 to the state and got $98 back from the feds. – I say “Hell Yeah! to that.

There is a long checklist today of all the stuff that has to get done before the weekend. I made yard sale/bbq signs and emailed them to the sign shop which I should be able to go pick up on the way home. Then all the groceries for the barbecue. Tight deadlines at work which have to get done and hopefully there will not be a late night of work. Missing days screwed the schedule a little and now I am paying. I have to put the hams on the smoker by midnight to give me time to chop and prepare for the Friday sale. I have also have to put in for the rest of my vacation time before giving my notice at work. A little over two weeks vacation left which should give time to finish prep. While the hams are smoking I can prepare the tables for the sale and everything that goes with garage selling. Pricing, tagging and keeping everything in groups. I see a long sleepless night.

Putting all the camping gear and fishing gear in one spot to sort through while packing. Like packing the backpack for an A.T. through hike, I have to make sure that the correct gear is collected. Pack what is essential and leave what is not. The truck is nothing but a backpack and a mule. Do not over stress the mule or she’ll get angry. I can see it all coming together in a last push to leave the life as I know it.


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