day ten.

Hump day and I have to work, but now it is getting harder and harder. The urge to hit the road is strong and the life I am trying to leave is trying to keep me in. After a good fix of night fishing, it gave me a good spark and I did get a bit done yesterday. All my piles are made and most everything is ready to sell. Photos are shot of everything for Craigslist and now posting begins.

There is enough ready for a weekend garage sale starting Friday. Still no word from any of the estate companies but maybe I can do this myself. I have to make signs to put out tomorrow for a Friday, Saturday, Sunday sale. Another personal day from work to get some of this in order but it is needed. I’ll be off on Friday.

The sell – mark everything at 50% retail and see how it goes. Maybe get some bids on the  house as well – everything must go. I meet tonight with the real estate agent and I’ll see how that goes. The agent and I have discussed renting the house which might be an option and would keep me a steady income. No mortgage and the income could help keep me afloat. The drawback on this option is that it also ties me back into the grid. I have to keep up a phone for contact which is one bill that I wanted to kill. The phone is a major part of the system that I just wanted to get away from and if this option is an option, the bill will be in the cost of renting the house also the property taxes and home insurance. This could be a win-win if we find the right candidate. I am going to talk to Jack about this as well. Maybe he can check on the house every once and a while and do any fixes if need be. This keeps my ties limited in the Birmingham area. This needs to be a disappearing act for it to work for me.

Tomorrow, after work, I’ll put a couple of hams on the smoker and sell some plates and sandwiches. All this while selling the junk, but if my junk doesnt sell the bbq will keep me busy. It will also keep me preoccupied from letting the sentimental junk go. I’ll miss my smoker but it has no place on the road. Use it while I got it and make a little cash in the process. I still have a couple of gallons of sauce from my last batch but I will need to get bread, chips, make tea and slaw. Another freakin list. But it is like saying goodbye to an old friend. The smoker needs it’s last hurrah.

The toy truck is still with Jack and he says it will be ready on Friday. He’ll be bringing it over to trade back his Volvo and to dig through the junk to see if he wants anything.  Which reminds me, I need to touch base with T-bone.


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  1. ****BORING**** This place looks like it’s been staged to sell. It’s white and chilly and uninviting. It’s a room that says, “You can sit, but don’t stay too long.”And by the way, there is alot to be said for hanging on to items you don’t use. Example: The 6 foot cord that attached to my old printer has the exact same connection for my coffee pot that came with a 2 foot cord. Think carefully before you toss your “junk” because the day will come when you wish you had not thrown everything away. In this economy better to be able to retrieve an item then to have to re-purchase it.

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