day nine.

Spent a long night on the golf course last night and have to play hookie from school today – work can wait. Caught some fat bass on the course. I am a sucker for golf course ponds because trespassing makes it an x-game with a little more stealth involved. You would be surprised at how many more fish you catch when you are not suppose to be in the location. You are trying to not get caught so your stalking techniques are at there highest. If there are fish in these irrigation ponds they are usually big fat pigs that have never been fished. Not being fished is a plus and the eco disaster of the fertilizer from the course is plus number two. It gets into the ponds making the pond healthy with vegetation. From there the bugs eat and the frogs eat and so on and so forth. I like to hit them at night because… well… no golfers and I am trespassing. Granted, these fish might have a third eye and two tails but they are urban fish that are a hellava lot of fun to catch. With my mutual hate of golf and the land that it seems to waste, I sure love trespassing on one of those yuppie ponds. If most of the environmental laws were not written on a golf course, golf courses would probably not exist.

Today the toy went back to Jack and he is working on the couple of little addons for the trip. Jack had a few more ideas that he wants to throw in. He wanted to talk about it but I told him that I trust him and to go for it – to much other mess to worry about. Have to start trusting people again. Not everyone is out for a buck – most people enjoy the journey as much as I. He let me borrow his old Volvo wagon that is fun to drive. My new old toy truck is nothing but bad ass and turning quickly into my new home. No word from T-bone bout the Ford. He did tell me that he had a couple of his farmers and contractors to call and try to work up a deal.

Before playing my version of golf I put together the Craigslist pile and we’ll see how that goes. From all my furniture and tools to all my small appliances. Hope it sells. Also figuring out the garage sell thing with its own pile. It is hard to believe how much shit we collect in our lives. How much of this do we really need? Contacted a couple estate companies and they keep asking me “who died?” and my only answer is “I did and I’ll be born again”. I guess I need to lie or just tell them I want to sell all my junk. Until I find someone, I guess I have to play the Craigslist game.


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