day eight.

Back to work and now I am thinking finances. This one is not completely figured out but there are some ideas. Everything must be sold. The big stuff is going on Craigslist and the rest is going to be a garage sale. Then there is the house. How I am going to move this anchor in this down market?  I accept that the house will not get what I have in it but man, I might loose a leg on this one. Also have to sell the ford. She is a great truck but she does not fit the demand of this trip. I hate to see her go but she will have to. The ford was bought from a farmers dealership outside of Auburn, maybe I could sell her there too. I’ll call T-bone to see what we can do. T-bone sold me the this truck and the one before it. Honest car men can be hard to find and he is one of them.

A couple of calls and all things lined up. T-bone is sending his son to pick up the ford and the house is going on the market to sell. All my accounts are working online and now I have a way to be mobile. The day is coming closer. I have figured that I can get a minimum of 3% per month on what ever money I put in. That should be around $1250.00 a month give or take and I should be able to live off that. It’ll be tight but I have most of what I need. Keep 10g in the bank account for the startup and for anything that can go wrong – try to always keep it there for Murphy. I have an idea of starting an online t-shirt store to see if I can get a little extra funds coming in that way – start setting that up so  it will be up and running when I leave. Odds and end jobs while traveling and maybe get some ins at fly shops or a coffee jerk, not to good to wash dishes, dig a ditch, hang drywall, or whatever.

I might have to call one of those estate companies to try to sell everything. Also been thinking of trying to auction off the house. Maybe Ebay? Options are out there but I need to know what they are.


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