day seven.

Today is Sunday and I am playing Santa – making the list and checking it twice. I know it is the weekend but soon everyday will be the weekend.

First on the list is food and water. Easy Right? Pack the 2 burner multi-fuel coleman stove and the backpacker. Making this list brings up other things that I might forget so I guess I need a lantern also. Fit the fuel lantern to the stove and add one of those solar things as well. Get one of those shake-em up flashlights for the just in case and a couple of good head lamps. Light at night is now covered. A couple of different water filters for different situations. Those are a check from my backpacking days. 2 coolers, small and large. The small cooler for daily trips and driving and the large cooler for extended living. Check. Cook kit of some type with a couple of lexan plates plus utensils. Dutch oven for those days when I can use the fire. Coffee… have to have a coffee solution. Coffee Press is the easiest and easiest to clean. I have most of this, so we are good.

Shelter is easy. Tent, truck, sleeping bag and extra blankets. Clothes for hot to cold and street clothes to work in for those days when I need a little extra cash.

Navigation and where am I going. Do I really need one of those GPS things or can I go this the adventurous way? My vote is the adventurous way. You see more and meet more people. I have no problem with asking directions and it gives me a chance to stretch and meet. Hell, I cant get lost if I have no place to go. Plus I have the computer as backup. This reminds me, I need to get an inverter for the truck, a way to charge my laptop and cameras maybe a light at night. I’ll give Jack a call and see if he can install one that is not a part of my cigarette lighter. He has been a handy find and his excitement for this is as great as mine.

Camera. Again I am going simple but the artist in me – I need two. I will take my Nikon D90 with a 50mm f/1.4 lens and a 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 for those moments in the wild – That keeps it simple and should  take care of my artistic needs by keeping it real. A point and shoot – This thing needs to be tough, waterproof ready to take on the day. I am going back to my days of using my Pentax for this one but this is not my K1000 that I learned on, this is a great little Optio W90 which will go up to 20 feet under water, dust proof, shock resistant and so on. Check – just ordered it from amazon. I have the nikon now to see what this little pentax will do. Put the tripod on the list for just in case.

Communications – I am making this one easy and free. It might not be so easy on the travels but with all the free wi-fi that is presently available, that is my way of communications. My theory – this should work and for free. With laptop in tow, I’ll able to find a place to connect and connect if needed. Who needs phones in today’s world? I can plan routes and check for places to go. If I get a little lost, that is fine and a part of the journey. There will be no wi-fi in the woods but no phone either, this has more pluses than negatives when trying to fringe the grid. Set up a couple of good go to links for directions.  Laptop. I am sticking with my 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro. Maxed out with 8GB of ram and a 500GB hard drive. Small because the computer is now just a tool and my way to communicate. This is no longer my way to make a living. With the developer program from Apple for the iPhone apps, With IPhone simulator I have learned to use these on my macbook. Now I have all these useful apps on my macbook – one tool for one job. Plus, I already own it. It holds all my music, photos, books and so on. It works as a phone, what else would I need. While Jack is working that inverter, I’ll check on getting an iPod jack as well. The new mix tape is shuffle straight from iTunes. Thinking about this – I might keep my iPhone for the ease of the apps – I can always use it for an emergency call – but do I want another device?


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