day five.

Friday and ready for the weekend. Last night – After casting to the squirrels and playing in the rain for about an hour, I went inside to research, shop and do what you do on the interweb. No time for screwing around or surfing… I am now on a mission and the decision made. Full steam ahead – the wheels are in motion. It made waking up this morning a little tough because I was up til four a.m.

On the truck research part, I might have hit the jackpot on the vehicle. There is an old hippie, Jack, that likes to tinker on old trucks and sell them on CraigsList. He is taking old vehicles and making them new again by rebuilding their chassis with modern components and updating the engines with a more planet friendly alternative. He has converted vehicles from old beats to modern glory and he is selling at a great price. After our phone call and a couple of emails back and forth, he wanted me to come over this afternoon to take at look at what he has.

Now this work of the daily grind is getting in my way of the dream. The closer I get – the more I’ll think of removing the grind and finding life again.


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  1. Your like a twin…. or the guy you just happen to walk up to on the water in the middle of nowhere, the one who leaves you knowing that there is hope and dreams and a sense of adventure still left in the world. I find myself in parallels today… somewhat like yourself, one day hoping that my paths meet with those that want to make it happen, those that see through the grind to better days. Hope to catch you some day, on those hidden waters….

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