day four.

Sudden anxiety over wellness and safety. Am I crazy or am I doing the right thing? Insurance is hard but I have figured out the health part. Price aint so bad at around 100 bucks a month. I’ll set that up so I can focus on living. Auto withdraw from the back account so I can be wherever managing everything online.

Now I have to figure out how I am going to travel – what to drive. My truck sucks the gas and the insurance is to high for the newer make and model. I need a beater that gets killer gas mileage and have to be able to go off-road  – still need to be able to fix any issues on my own. Old Reliable but with good gas mileage? I was thinking the Subaru wagon of my youth but they are not easy to work on and part suck to get. Jeeps would work but I prefer not to go down that road again. VW microbus is the easiest thing ever to work on but a bitch to drive but I would not take it to far off-road. Some of the new hybrid things but they are all small.  I am also thinking of something with a great online support or a great cult like forum. If I am outside the communication lines, I need to make my own.

This afternoon I’ll do some casting in the backyard to figure it all out. The rhythm and release helps find solutions. The small stuff and the big stuff. Dont sweat the small stuff but with changes like this everything is big stuff. Hell… at this point, it will be hard for me to pick the right rod to just cast for fun. Anxiety over all this is getting to me but passing every storm is always a blue sky. Am I making the right decision? Should I be off the grid or is now just a part of me? I need to get on the water soon.


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  1. Sounds like we’re in the same boat – I’m looking for a beater that is easy to work on with a low cost of ownership. Let me know what you decide on.

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