day three.

Wet fly still dry but change is coming, I can feel it. Reoccurring flashes of that yesterday sign “The daily grind” is wearing me down. The plans must start on how to get past this? “Away we go” is the day that I work toward today. In my head, the questions start and the planning begins. How hard could it be to just do what you love? “Very hard” due to responsibilities of life. So what is holding me back. The house is paid for and the bills minimal. If I leave and drop it all, what will happen? What about insurance? Man, that one is hard. Health and Car would both be bills that tie me back into this system of that daily grind. Taxes and car tags would be the other. Health insurance sort of keeps you in the state you live but I want to live in America, live on the road, not just a state. And some of the other “what ifs” that will occur on the journey.  What if I want to travel north into Canada or south into Mexico? I guess I need to update the passport. Figure out what I can online and the more I can do with laptop in tow the better. I can always find a free wi-fi spot. How will I separate from the world and still be tied in? Can I drop all ties?



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3 responses to “day three.

  1. I travel this same highway about once per year, sometimes more often. Whether it be the politica, red-tape, or just plane tiny spaces called cubes that make up corp-am.

    The tie that binds me is the two little hands reaching up to hold mine. Outside of that, my walls would most likely consist of a 40 foot Airstream, South America during the winters, and Alaska during the summer months.

    I wouldn’t trade anything for my two chipmunks, but the thought that haunts enters my nugget more often than not.

  2. Norman Maclean wrote, “I am haunted by waters.”

    If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be fishermen.

    Well written. Keep ’em coming.

  3. Aaron, your story is a big inspiration for this exploration. We are all not so different.

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