day one.

Starting a new adventure is always difficult. This adventure is one of dreams, learning and creativity. The post on this site will all be a fictional adventure that consist of the research of dreams. Not everyone can be the fly fishing bum that they desired in their youth but many still enjoy the journey whether it fictional or real. This site is not advertisement of the work I do but a creative exercise of fictional free form writing, illustration and research. I will try to research the areas traveled before writing and the people of this adventure will all be fictional. Some folks might find similarities but know that the writing on this site is all fiction. This is post #1 and the only disclaimer of the fiction that will follow.

Here is an overview of what to expect.  To best describe the travels that follow will be a combination of the funny  trout bum stories of Gierach meets the beat of Kerouac’s road stories. It is not my promise that the writing will be this great and ground breaking but I will strive for giving you a fun daily read. This is a free form exercise of expression.  It has always been a dream to go off the grid and do nothing but travel. Fishing along the way, working odd jobs, meeting new people, experiencing foods, places and traditions. Through research and creative writing, this exercise is the way to do this within my dreams and without sacrifice to my daily life and wonderful family.  My family will not be a part of the story.

All illustrations contained in the following exercise will be for sale whether it a print or the original art. I will be illustrating people, fish, situations  and still-lifes to fit the occasion of the journey.  T-shirts will be available as the adventure continues.


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